Success Stories

The staff at GSSPI is warm and inviting. During my short time here, I’ve felt awesome. I would’ve come much sooner if I’d known it was this easy!

Rhea Perry

The staff and therapists at Garden State Spine are very knowledgeable at their profession. The care is well paced. They know when to and when not to push you to your limits. They helped make my life bearable before surgery and now back to normal after surgery. The front desk also handled insurance with ease and always with a smile–I will recommend to anyone I know.

Joe V.

Walking into the Garden State Spine & Pain Institute office for the first time I did not know what to expect. When I walked out I knew that I was going to receive the best treatment in the area. The staff at GSSPI was not only extremely professional, friendly and experienced, more importantly they truly cared about me and every other patient.

Jason Morrell

I came full of shoulder and upper back pain to Garden State Spine & Pain a couple of weeks back. With the expert care of the staff, the symptoms have basically disappeared and I am functional at a very satisfactory level. I have a great deal of confidence in this outfit and plan to use it again if I experience any problems with my musculo-skeletal system.

Carlos Garcia

Since the first moment stepping into this office it felt like family to me. I’m always greeted with warm smiles and asked “how was my week”. This is such a warm and comforting place to be. I could stay here for hours talking do Dr. Raj and the staff. I could keep coming here forever! This is a wonderful group of folks they will always have a place in my heart and soul.

Jill Cummings

Dr. Raj and his staff are great! I’ve received an exception level of service and care for over 7 years.

Neil Stern

I had always been skeptical of chiropractic practices and learned to live with back pain. The doctors and staff eased my concerns and reduced my pain and increased my mobility. The staff and facility are amazing. Going to the chiropractor has become a fun experience, and my pain has lessened significantly.

Sue & Joe Leanza

Never before have I received such professional and personal care. Each person is attentive and caring–starting at sign-in and at each treatment. I arrived in pain and ready to give up on having a pain-free life. I am now living the active life I have tried to have for a long time. Thank you!

Lynn L.

Since day one of being treated here, I have experienced nothing but the upmost care and professionalism from all the staff and doctors. On a scale of 1-10, they are without a doubt an 11.

Rodney Foy

I think the doctors and staff at GSSPI are absolutely wonderful! The staff is very professional and knowledgeable about the care of their patients. I have been very blessed to have them as part of my rehabilitation.

Brenda Roberson

The medical staff and assistants are extremely caring, professional and devoted to the wellness of every patient. I am truly grateful to everyone at GSSPI for giving me a pain-free life with a very hopeful future.

Lori Bonnetti

My acupuncture sessions with Rein have been so beneficial and such a blessing. I have fibromyalgia and his gentle and therapeutic treatment has greatly added to my personal well-being. He is a keeper at GSSPI!

Chris Whalen

Rein is the first acupuncturist that has improved my overall health. I can walk up and down stairs and take long walks without pain in my knees and feel wonderful all over.

Anastasia Pappayllon

On behalf of the men and women of the Eatontown Police Department I wanted to thank you, Dr. Raj, and your entire staff for the outstanding “Biggest Loser” challenge. Our police department truly enjoyed participating in the weight loss challenge and also learned a lot about spinal health, nutrition, and other health related topics that will hopefully stay with us throughout our carreers.

The staff at both the fitness and the medical facilities were friendly, professional and accommodating. The atmosphere at the gym is incredible and the locker room is like being at a fancy spa. Many of our officers received chiropractic treatment as well and were pleased with the results. Several officers even tried acupuncture and found the results to be positive as well.

The overall experience with your program was great. We all enjoyed it and benefited from it and hopefully it will be the spark that some of us needed to keep a healthier lifestyle both

Michael D. Goldfarb, Chief of Police, Eatontown Police Dept.

I was very nervous before my first acupuncture visit—all I could think of was becoming a pin cushion. After my first session with Rein, the relief achieved was amazing, due to his calming demeanor and ability to place needles without causing pain.

Joseph Mellaci

I first learned of Soul Focus/Garden State Spine when they came to our police department to conduct a Biggest Loser challenge. I entered the contest and was able to lose a total of 20 lbs. Garden State Spine is not your typical medical office. As a part of Soul Focus, it offers a wide variety of specialties in chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy and a workout facility. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and work with you to get you to your desired goal—whether that goal is to lose weight, strengthen your back or improve overall health. This place really treats you like family. I have continued to recommend Soul Focus/Garden State Spine to friends and family.

Anthony Turso

Soul Focus has enabled me to understand that managing my chronic back pain is a matter of consistent regular self-care. They treat the whole person and always have time for me.

Cindy Panarra

I can’t believe the difference inside of just a couple of months. I didn’t know it was physically possible for the pain to go away. I feel much more energized.

Anthony P.

I used to notice the days I didn’t have pain and now I notice the days that I do.

David Boehning