InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer

What are YOU made of?

InBody 570 has the answer!

SF-GSS---InBody1_webThe InBody body composition analyzer can provide you with a complete snapshot of which body parts need improvement, which are strong, which are weak, how much fat you need to lose, how much muscle you should gain, your hydration level and BMI (Body Mass Index). The results are 98% accurate when compared to underwater weighing.

With the InBody body composition analyzer you receive a complete snapshot of:

  1. Body fat percentage
  2. Lean body mass/muscle
  3. BMI (body mass index)
  4. Total body water

Receive your body composition analysis report today!

All tests are conducted by a certified personal trainer who will help you understand your report results and advise you on how to reach your health and wellness goals.

InBody Session Protocol:

Prepare for your IBA test by adhering to the following instructions:

  • Do not eat for four hours prior to testing
  • Do not exercise 12 hours prior to testing
  • Do not consume alcohol for 24 hours prior to testing
  • Hydrate well the day before
  • Do not drink caffeine on the day of your test
  • For females, avoid having measurement during menstrual period as body water will be higher than normal