Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Lying in the driveway I thought, “…I just broke my back!! I can’t believe that me, of all people, the guy who helps patients avoid spinal surgery is now going to need surgery myself.” It was Sunday, December 13th and I was bringing home the Christmas tree and taking it off the top of the car. After cutting the rope from the sides of the luggage rack, the tree shifted awkwardly and slid down the SUV landing on the driveway right in front of the path to the front door. Perfect I thought, “I’ll bring it straight thru the front door.” The tree was 6 or 7 feet tall, but it looked deceptively light. Thinking that I could manage, I began lifting the tree making sure to keep my back straight and my knees bent while I bent straight over and lifted straight up. The trunk of the tree moved, but the branches never left the driveway, which is where my entire body was about to be writhing in pain. I felt a pop and then an immediate burning sensation accompanied by a sharp, stabbing, lightening like pain. “Uh-oh, that wasn’t good,” I fell to the ground. “Was that tree just watered or something?!”

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