Problem Sleeping?

We sleep for half of our lives. Think about it, half of our lives we are sleeping. For humans and other mammals, regular sleep is essential for survival. Still, there are those people who swear that they require only 4 or 5 hours a night. Not Me! I sleep, and I sleep hard. My mother tells a story about a car crash that happened at 4AM right outside my window when I was 4 or 5 years old. There was a whole lot of noise, commotion, emergency vehicles and everything else that goes along with a car accident. I don’t exactly know what happened… I was sleeping! In fact, before writing this, I had to call my mother to make sure that it really happened. I don’t remember, I was sleeping.

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Stress Kills and you are Working on my Last Nerve!

Are you approaching a nervous breakdown?! Stressed out? Do the smallest things set you off? Feel like you are constantly under pressure? Are you losing sleep and not eating properly? Do you drive in New Jersey? The point is, you can not avoid it. Stress will find you and stress always results in illness. When we speak of a “nervous breakdown” or being “shot out”, we are referring to a complete breakdown of our nervous system. Stress causes headaches, ulcers, heart disease, instant heart attacks, and numerous other ailments and diseases. Stress attacks the areas of your body that are weak due to previous injury or where you are genetically pre-disposed.

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Control: Want to be able to gain or lose weight at will?

You can! I never thought it was possible, but it is! Want to know the secret? Diets don’t work! You need to control your metabolism. The good news is that you must eat often to jump start your metabolism. Diets slow your metabolism down. In fact, dieting slows down all organ function which is why you are lethargic and in a fog when dieting. You are not functioning at 100%! Don’t diet!…..change your diet! You need to EAT to lose weight. You do this by giving yourself the right fuel.

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