For Dad: A Follow Up

He came to this country from India at the age of fifteen and was living in NYC by sixteen. He was on his own. Becoming a success in a new culture did not come easy. Starting as a teller, he slowly rose thru the ranks and became a Vice President of a major bank on Wall Street. He married a native New Yorker, (East meets West). He left the house at dawn and came home in time to say good night to his kids. He was a hard working man. He provided a very comfortable life for his family. He retired in his early fifties, moved to Florida, and started his new job, golf. He played with the same passion he had for life. He took 10 strokes off his handicap, had defeated the game, and was now totally bored.

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Paying It Forward! The 1st Annual Soul Focus Scholarship Fund

I have a rock on my kitchen counter. It simply says, “GRATITUDE.” I hold and pay homage to the gratitude rock each and every day. I am very grateful for all I have in life. I have been given the opportunity by the members of this community to treat, heal, and restore their health. I am thankful for your trust and patronage.

For years, Soul Focus has hired students from local high schools providing experience and encouragement for them to pursue a career in the health care field. I am proud to say that we have succeeded. Twice, we have inspired students to go on to become doctors of physical therapy and we have one protégé who has been with us four years who is now in his second year of chiropractic school. We are so proud of him.

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The Secret to making your body a lean, fat burning machine

I don’t even remember looking that way! I don’t even recognize myself. There I am, in the photo on the left, while in chiropractic school, very overweight. I had just spent four years in Philadelphia eating cheesesteaks while attending college. Then, another 4 years studying harder and eating more, while in Atlanta at Chiropractic school. Following graduation, I immediately started working long hours, 6 days a week. It is not an excuse, it is life, but “life” is the main reason why people say they let themselves go.

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Turn Back the Clock on Time: The Breakthrough of Stem Cell Therapy

Until now, there was no way to prevent or fix a degenerated joint. Knee replacements, shoulder surgeries, and hip replacements are common and necessary for joints that are beyond repair. For the first time in our lives we have a way to regenerate joints instead of having to resort to surgery. As part of our partnership with Stem Cell of America, Soul Focus if proud to be able to offer information and services on Stem Cell Therapy and other new medical breakthroughs in Regenerative Medicine.

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5 Ways Soul Spa Will Soothe Your Soul

You know the feeling. You yearn for it. The feeling that you get when you are visiting a resort somewhere on vacation and are relaxed, feeling no stress. Your senses become heightened, awakened, and you take time to reflect. The air you breathe feels different, better. You indulge yourself. You take time to smell the roses while wondering why you don’t escape more often. Soul Spa provides you the same piece of mind, which until now, was reserved for vacations. Inspired by resort living, Soul Spa is designed to envelop and bathe you in relaxation and sophistication. Come slip into a robe anytime you need to escape…

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Focus Fitness 3-Step Plan for Success

According to Nielson, the top 3 New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 were, to stay fit and healthy, lose weight, and live life to its fullest. Most people join gyms in hopes of achieving all 3. So why did The Sheridan Press find that 80% of people who join a gym, quit their membership by the second week of February? It is because people lack the tools. Focus Fitness has the answer.

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Ever walk into a room full of energy and vitality? On the contrary, have you ever walked into a room and felt a bad vibe? Life is a series of these vibrations. Like the strings on an electric guitar, these vibrations can be fine-tuned to the right frequency hitting a note of music that is so sweet, it makes you tingle. There is a sweet spot, a tuned frequency—for life, too. That feeling of complete bliss. It is almost spiritual. The following is intended to tune you to the right frequency, allowing you to obtain everything you ever imagined for yourself in life. There are the natural laws of the universe, and when you recognize these laws and abide by them, you become one with the universe.

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