Text Neck

Texting. There’s no denying we all do it. And unfortunately as this relatively new phenomenon continues to play such a dominate role in our lives, our bodies haven’t had time to evolve to deal with its physical effects. More and more, I find myself treating people who suffer from pain and discomfort from what many now describe as “Text Neck.” To help educate people about this potential problem, I would like to share a very important article that describes in shocking detail what you are doing to your body every time you look down to text.

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Article Published in 30 Second Mom: Standardized Tests: 4 Ways Parents, Teachers & Students Can Reduce Standardized-Test Stress – Dr. Raj Gupta

Standardized testing has drawn its share of criticism from teachers, students and parents. One of the most common complaints is the stress that all three groups feel – from preparation through performance. From a young age, students take these timed tests that measure academic competency and, ultimately, whether they’re college material. Countless articles on standardized testing in the U.S. point out the pressure on students to score well; that teachers are often evaluated by how their students fare on the tests; and that parents get anxiety hoping their children score high.

Amid all this stress comes the basic but difficult-to-answer question: How to deal with it? There is a tremendous amount of controversy about standardized testing, and no matter which side of the argument you are on, teachers have no choice.

The SECRET to making your body a lean, fat burning machine

Winning my life-long battle over weight gain WITH HELP from new technology!

The InBody570, has kept me in the game. From the outhouse to indoor plumbing, from the rotary phone to the smart phone, the InBody far replaces the outdated bathroom scale. Just losing weight is Not the goal! The goal is to reduce your percentage of body fat.

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Creating The wellness Centers Of Tomorrow

Always looking to better the lives of the people in our community, Dr. Gupta has identified Liana Werner-Grey, author of The Earth Diet, as another life changing individual who is dedicated to health and wellness. A national, sought-after speaker and advocate for natural healing using a healthy diet and lifestyle, Liana Werner-Grey has healed herself of many negative health conditions, including a pre-cancerous tumor, through embracing a natural lifestyle.

Liana will be coming to New Jersey from New York City to COOK FOR YOU! On October 25th, from 5pm to 8pm, Liana will be at Soul Focus to share recipes from her book The Earth Diet. She will be teaching YOU how to cook for a healthy lifestyle with food samples and tips. Watch Liana demonstrate how to make a quick and easy recipe from her book—delicious and nutritional cookie dough balls!

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Journey Towards Health & Wellness With John Helm

Pastor John Helm of First Baptist Church in Asbury Park has been part of the Soul Focus family since April of 2017, and in just five short months, all facets of our wellness facility have changed his life in immeasurable ways. His success here has been incredible, so we sat down with our wonderful patient for a Q&A about his new life now, compared to before he started his journey with us towards health and wellness.

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