Dr. Raj’s Healthy Living Tips

How to Feel Amazing Now

Don’t drink your calories. Many people do not realize that the iced tea, lemonade, juice drinks, soft drinks and even coffee and tea they drink are preventing them from losing weight and are, in fact, making them FAT!! People need pure H2O in order to properly excrete the toxins that build up in their bodies each day. Yes, there is water in coffee, soda and iced tea, but when there is something already attached to the H2O molecule, there is little to no room for these toxins to attach. As such, they stay and accumulate in your body and get surrounded by fat. Drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water each day will ensure that you excrete toxins each day and give you the added bonus of not adding on the calories and sugar from whatever else it is that you are drinking.

DidYouKnowGet your prehistoric on. When wondering whether a food is good for you or not, try to determine if the food existed in caveman days. Broccoli, peanut butter and even jelly can be traced back to grapes—but where do Doritos come from? If the food that you are about to consume needs a factory to make it, then it is processed and not good for you. If they couldn’t make the food in caveman days, well then, just pass

Skip the middle. When shopping in the supermarket, try to shop the perimeter. In all stores, the perimeter of the market has the fruits, veggies, dairy, meats, cheeses and many other natural items. Everything in the middle aisles (all that boxed, bagged, canned and processed  junk) will kill you .

Don’t skip breakfast. Each night when we go to sleep, you are fasting for as many hours as you are sleeping or for how ever many hours you didn’t eat prior to going to sleep. This number is often 8 to 10 hours. Your metabolism will not begin working again until you BREAK that FAST with breakfast. Those that skip this meal will have difficulty losing weight as their metabolism can not break down fat until it is activated with the first meal of the day. If one does not eat until noon or later, the metabolism is not breaking down fat and the body conserves energy and does not burn calories.

Be Prepared. So I was coming home from playing golf and I hadn’t eaten in 5 or 6 hours. I WAS hungry and NEEDED something quickly. I usually bring a protein bar or a sandwich with me, but rushed out of the house this morning and I wasn’t prepared. I stopped at Wawa. This is where I met the machine responsible for the fattening up of America.

I approached the touch screen with thoughts of a turkey sandwich. No multigrain or rye bread?! Hoagie rolls only. My body and waistline were already paying for my mistake of not being prepared. Next, I am asked if I want cheese. Ok, not something I would have put on the sandwich if making it myself, but ok. Bacon? Again, not something I would have put on, but ok. Next, I am asked how big of a sandwich I wanted. 4 inch, 6 inch or “for an extra 80 cents”, the 10 inch sandwich. Remember, I’m famished; I go for the 10 inch hoagie. Then, before closing out my order, I am asked, “extra cheese?”, then “extra bacon?”

If I had taken the time and prepared for the day or even THIS meal, I would have had a turkey sandwich on rye bread without cheese or bacon that would not have come on a 10 in hoagie roll made of white bread. This type of Wawa machine is also at every place that sells fast food. If you need food in a hurry because of hunger, then they have you! You will supersize everything, everywhere because you are hungry and unprepared and they take advantage of you.

Plan and prepare your meals for the day ahead of time and LOSE WEIGHT.

Start the night before. Think about what you are going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day. Do you need to make something for lunch tomorrow, tonight?

If you do NOT plan your meals and only address it when you are hungry, you are dead in the water, will NEVER lose weight and only gain weight while falling prey to your hunger.